Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic Exercise

A comprehensive therapeutic exercise programme is an essential component of rehabilitation. At the SMART Clinic we will tailor an exercise programme to meet your animal's individual needs. Many of the exercises can be carried out in your own home and allow you to become actively involved in your pet's rehabilitation.

Several factors must be considered in its design

  • Age of patient
  • Surgical procedure
  • Tissues involved and degree of trauma
  • Rate and stage of repair


Therapeutic ultrasound is used at the SMART Clinic to provide pain relief and to promote healing in collagenous tissues i.e. tendons and ligaments.

Neuromuscular Electrostimulation

Neuromuscular electrostimulation can aid in preventing atrophy of muscle fibres in non weight bearing conditions. It is used in para and quadriplegic dogs and cats in the nonambulatory period immediately post surgery to minimise loss of muscle tone and mass.