Sports Medicine

Like any athlete, our sporting dogs are extremely focused. Whatever their field, be it agility, obedience or trialing, their drive to perform often allows them to carry on training and competing despite being in pain.

The SMART Veterinary Clinic has emerged as a centre of excellence within the UK in the field of Canine Sports Medicine. The SMART Clinic’s reputation has been established through its repeated success in returning patients to competition at the highest level both nationally and internationally. Perhaps even more important in the field of sports medicine is the ability to prevent injury. Many handlers have reaped the benefit of our Fitness Assessments. These allow us to tailor a training program to meet their dog’s individual requirements, thus ensuring peak performance throughout the season. Each discipline is different, not only in the type of injury it predisposes to but also to the type of conditioning program that is best suited to that discipline.

Here at the SMART Clinic we can tailor a program that not only addresses specific injuries but also, through developing the right training methods we can help prevent injury form occurring in the first place.