Pet of the Month

Month Pets Name Photo Description
December 2014 Dylan Jenkins

Dylan, a 7 Year Old, Male, Border Collie, first started coming to the Smart Clinic in December 20

November 2014 Della John

Della John a  9 Year 8 Month Old Neutered Female Cocker Spaniel

October 2014 Lolly Roberts

Lolly has been attending the Smart Clinic since July of this year.

September 2014 Baloo Williams

Baloo, a  6 Year 5 Month Old Crossbreed, has only recently started attending the Smart Clinic but

August 2014 Carlisle Payne
July 2014 Stella Nicholls

Stella, a 14 year 11 month old Terrier, first started coming to the clinic in the January of this

June 2014 Buster and Juliet Evans, 11 year old CKCS

This month we have a double whammy with Buster and Juliet our brother and sister duo sm</body></html>

May 2014 Jessie Jenkins Jess
April 2014 Smarti Jones

Smarti, a , 4 year 5 month old female Border Collie, first started coming to the clinic in the Au

March 2014 Benji O’Rourke