Pet of the Month

Month Pets Name Photo Description
February 2016 Valli the Indian Elephant

“Dear Lowri, do you treat large animals?” was the relatively innocuous email that I received from

January 2016 Tiger Lloyd

Tiger Lloyd, a Male Irish Wolfhound, is one of the biggest patients we see here at the Smart Clin

December 2015 Bento Harding

Bento, a 6 Year 2 Month Old Male Neutered Miniature Dachshund, was first referred to the Smart Cl

November 2015 Bella Richardson

Bella, a 7 Year Old Female Yorkshire Terrier, first started coming to the Smart Clinic in June of

October 2015 Dudley Binfield

Dudley , a 5 Year 3 Month Old, Male, Springer Spaniel, first began attending the Smart Clinic at

September 2015 Penny Best

Penny, a 1 Year 10 Month Old Female Neutered Boxer,  first starting coming to the Smart Clinic in

August 2015 Bella Atkinson

Bella, a 10 Year 5 Month Old Female Neutered Labrador, is somewhat of an old timer at the Smart C

July 2015 Manni Billingham

Manni, a 1 Year 2 Month Old Black Male Neutered Labrador,  was first referred to us at the Smart

June 2015 Barney Williams

Barney, a 4 Year 7 Month Old Male Persian, first started coming to the Smart Clinic in January th

May 2015 Daisy May Roberts

Daisy ,a  6 Year 1 Month Old, Female Neutered, Bichon Frise, first started coming to the Smart Cl