Pet of the Month

Month Pets Name Photo Description
October 2015 Dudley Binfield

Dudley , a 5 Year 3 Month Old, Male, Springer Spaniel, first began attending the Smart Clinic at

September 2015 Penny Best

Penny, a 1 Year 10 Month Old Female Neutered Boxer,  first starting coming to the Smart Clinic in

August 2015 Bella Atkinson

Bella, a 10 Year 5 Month Old Female Neutered Labrador, is somewhat of an old timer at the Smart C

July 2015 Manni Billingham

Manni, a 1 Year 2 Month Old Black Male Neutered Labrador,  was first referred to us at the Smart

June 2015 Barney Williams

Barney, a 4 Year 7 Month Old Male Persian, first started coming to the Smart Clinic in January th

May 2015 Daisy May Roberts

Daisy ,a  6 Year 1 Month Old, Female Neutered, Bichon Frise, first started coming to the Smart Cl

April 2015 Rosie Probert

Rosie, a 5 Year 1 Month Old Female Labrador,  was first referred to the Smart Clinic at the begin

March 2015 Sandy Malcolm

Sandy, an 11 Year 4 Month Old Female Golden Retriever, was first referred to us in January of thi

February 2015 Miah Appleby

Miah, a 7 Year 3 Month Old Female Neutered Springer Spaniel, was first referred to the Smart Clin

January 2015 Blaze, Bertie and Jeeves Bingham Blaze

This month we wanted to share the story of three of our patients from the agility world-Blaze, Be