Pet of the Month

Month Pets Name Photo Description
July 2018 Coco Newman 2 Year Old Female Yorkshire Terrier

Coco was actually first referred to the clinic nearly a year ago following a diagnosis of Legg-Ca

June 2018 Alfie Ward 11 Year Old DSH

Although Alfie has only been coming to the clinic since the beginning of May this year we wanted

April 2018 Shevi Hillier 11 Year 5 Month Old Female neutered Border Terrier

Shevi actually first came to the Smart Clinic way back in 2010 and has since has had ongoing issu

March 2018 Cadi Leggett 8 Year Old Female Pembrokshire Corgi

Cadi has done amazingly well since starting treatment at the Smart Clinic in the December of last

January 2018 Vlad North 17 year old Male Lab Cross Collie

Vlad is one of our oldest patients and has been doing amazingly well since coming to the clinic b

November 2017 Teddy Morgan 2 Year 2 Month Old Male Neutered Shih Tzu

Teddy was first referred to the Smart Clinic back in July this year with a complicated history of

October 2017 Barney Hughes 9 Year Old Neutered Male Collie Cross

Barney has only been attending the Smart Clinic for treatment since the beginning of September of

September 2017 Honey Blight 5 Year 4 Month Old Female Neutered JRT

Honey was first referred to the Smart Clinic back in March of this year after being diagnosed wit

August 2017 Reggie McCarthy, 9 Year 4 Month Old WHWT

Reggie first came to the clinic in June of this year for rehabilitation following acute onset of

July 2017 Orpheus Swan 17 Year 7 Month Old Male Domestic Short Haired Cat

Orpheus has only been attending the Smart Clinic since the beginning of June this year but we wan