November 2018

Pet of the Month: 
Kiki, a 4 year old British Bulldog

Our November SMART Clinic Pet Of The Month is Kiki, a 4 year old British Bulldog.

Kiki was referred to the SMART clinic for rehabilitative management following cruciate surgery. She had also been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her stifle joints and bilateral hip dysplasia.

All our initial appointments are 1 1/2 hours long, this gives our vets plenty of time not only to examine patients, and make a treatment plan with owners, but also to start treatment immediately. Kiki was started on a rehabilitative programme to improve her functional mobility, particularly with regards to long-term mobility in light of hip dysplasia, and joint health of the left stifle. It was decided with Kiki's owner that Kiki would attend the clinic as a day patient. This would give us the to offer her more intensive daily treatment to aid her recovery. Kiki was also started on a weight management regime.

Our aims were to resolve her lower back pain and improve the stability in her back legs. We also aimed to improve the range of motion through her joints and assist her in achieving and maintaining her weight loss which will be instrumental in assisting in her long term progress.

Initially, Kiki attended the clinic once a week to spend the day with us. Attending as a day patient gives us the opportunity to provide patients with multiple treatments throughout the day. In Kiki's case, coming in for the day also enabled us to help improve her fitness in a controlled environment while she was recovering from surgery. We were able to review her exercise programme weekly and tailor the rehabilitation programme to suit her medical conditions and progress.

Kiki's owner was very committed to both her home exercises and her weight loss regime. Kiki's exercises advanced as she rehabilitated to ensure continued improvement and included head turns, pole stepping, standing correctly and weight shift exercises. We also monitored Kiki's home walking program and advised her owner on the appropriate amounts of exercise she could safely undertake.

During the months she has been attending the Smart Clinic Kiki has lost over 4kg in weight which is a great achievement!

Kiki has medical conditions that will require lifelong management but with the dedication of her owner to her weight management and home exercise programme and treatment from the SMART Clinic we hope we will be able to give Kiki the best quality of life possible with lots of fun and adventures to come. Well done Kiki!