Miracle dog Della makes the news!

(minus a couple of misquotes e.g legs instead of lungs, another good article)

Ronnie the puppy cooking up a media storm

Staff members from Croeso Veterinary Hospital in Cardiff have taken this (approx) 12 week old puppy and sought help from us at the Smart Clinic.

He has carpal flexural deformity, which is mainly caused by inadequate nutrition. His wrists were constantly held in flexion making it impossible to place them to the ground to walk

September 2012

Dog Training

Congratulations to Jenny Gould and Chance on winning their 3rd obedience 'ticket' at Newmarket and making Chance an Obedience Champion. Chance has been having regular treatment at the clinic and we are so proud of all his achievements, as well as all of the dedication and hard work Jenny has shown with him to get him to this point.

Well done and Good Luck for Crufts next year.