Cali Stewart - Signed Off

​Cali was signed off this week following only four visits with us at the Smart Clinic. She has done incredibly well with her rehab and has been such fun to treat at the clinic. Well done Cali smiley


Don't forget we are having an evening for clients and dog-enthusiasts next Wednesday! It's about 'The growing dog- from conception to athlete'.

A new development is that Cathy Woodlands, who is a nurse at Bath Veterinary Referrals, is going to present a short talk about laparoscopic (also known as key-hole) bitch spays. Do join us! smiley


SMART Veterinary Clinic is hiring! :>

An exiting opportunity to join the team at the SMART Clinic. The clinic is internationally recognised as a centre of excellence in the field of small animal rehabilitation. We are looking for a dynamic and enthusiastic veterinary surgeon with an interest in pain management and rehabilitation to work alongside our team of specialists. We have a large clinical case load varying from complex neurological and orthopaedic cases to providing a comprehensive service to our performance dogs focussing on both training and injury prevention as well as rehabilitation.

Agility Show Summer Rota

The Smart Clinic will be offering fitness assessments at the following agility events this Summer.

If you would like any further information regarding any of these events or would like to pre-book an assessment slot in advance, please contact us at the Smart Clinic on 02920 799886.





SMART Veterinary Clinic is hiring! :>

Part Time Registered Veterinary Nurse Required

South Wales

16 hours.

SMART CLINIC CLIENT EVENING SEMINAR- Wednesday 26TH March (7.30pm Start): The growing dog- from conception to athlete

We will be following a dog’s development starting from conception to young puppyhood and then through the months until maturity. Topics to be discussed will include:-

Maid Keating - Found

We are glad you are home safe Maid smiley