May 2017

Pet of the Month: 
Lola Davies 6 Year Old Female Neutered Miniature Dachshund

Lola really is one of the most remarkable cases we have treated in the clinic this year.

When she was first referred to us in March of this year she was unable to walk and had minimal control of her urination. She was also overweight, weighing 7.7kg.

Lola was referred to the Smart clinic for rehabilitation of a thoracolumbar disc extrusion. Surgery was not advised as a treatment option due to the length of time that had passed since first noticing clinical signs and subsequent presentation at a specialist clinic.

On first presentation at the Smart clinic although Lola could not walk she was able to achieve a stand with assistance and this was able to be maintained for upwards of a minute when combined with physiotherapy exercises. However, no significant change was noted during neurological examination when compared with notes from the previous specialist. The most significant of this being that there was no evidence of conscious pain observed when forceps pressure was applied to the toes in her hindlimbs, as this would usually indicate a poor prognosis in our spinal patients.

 Beside from this however, during placement and sensory stimulation of the hindlimbs, very slight initiation into hip and stifle flexor activation was observed. During assisted treadmill work, this was also observed and occasionally Lola was able to place the hindlimbs independently. Motor activation of the hindlimb musculature was noted after her sessions.

We therefore planned to see Lola twice weekly, where we could monitor her neurological signs and urinary continence, as well as better facilitate any functional movement.

Following this initial visit unfortunately progress with Lola’s recovery was slow and we became concerned that within the first two weeks of treatment Lola was still not eliciting any deep pain response and continued to struggle with her urinary continence.

We therefore decided to have Lola stay at the clinic for a full week so that we were able to prescribe an intensive course of treatment and improve her bladder management.

This proved to be the turning point for Lola. Within the first week of intensive treatment Lola showed improved standing ability with a more convincing conscious pain response in her right hind. She also appeared to have some bladder control and urinated outside on two occasions, and she began to lose weight!

Over the coming weeks Lola continued to improve. She was able to consistently stand unassisted and started taking small steps on her own. Her pain response began to return in both hindlimbs and she regained control of her bladder.

Now just over 2 months since starting her intensive treatment at the clinic Lola is……walking! She is also a more svelt 6.4kg! She shows small improvements every time we see her, which is now only once a fortnight, and we couldn’t be more pleased! She was faced with such a poor prognosis at the start of treatment and we are so glad that her owners persevered-she is such a lovely little character! Well done Lola!