March 2017

Pet of the Month: 
Bailey Davies

Bailey Davies 10 Year 5 Month Old Labrador Retriever

Bailey was first referred to the Smart Clinic last August to help manage his osteoarthritis.

At his first appointment Bailey was general very stiff and lacking in any real control of his movement. He was lacking in muscle mass, particularly of the hindlimbs, and showed very poor core control. Bailey is a typical happy Labrador so showed relatively little discomfort when examined but several areas of tightness and potential nerve root pain were palpated. When exercised Bailey struggled with his endurance and found it difficult to maintain a well-controlled four beat gait pattern.

Following his initial consultation we started Bailey on a rehabilitation programme aimed at optimising his gait pattern and improving his core function. Bailey was given at home exercises to help support the work we were doing at the clinic and we started to see him for weekly sessions initially.

Bailey responded well to this initial treatment and began showing improvements in his overall movement and control. A lot of the muscular tension also resolved within the first few weeks and he began to regain some muscle mass in his hindlimbs. Bailey was then seen fortnightly for a while to help build on this initial improvement and target his exercise endurance.

Now, despite a slight ‘blip’ during the cold winter months, Bailey is doing remarkably well. He is regularly completing 20 minutes of exercise during his treatment sessions, without any loss of control or deterioration of his gait pattern, and is honestly one of the happiest chaps we see at the clinic. Bailey and his owner have worked so hard to build on his endurance and improve his quality of life and he is such a joy to see him first thing in the morning-he makes everybody smile! We have just this week started to reduce the frequency of his sessions and we are hopeful he will continue to improve into the Summer months! Well done Bailey! J