Louis Dyer

Pets Age: 
5 yrs
Pet Type: 
Male French Bulldog
Thoracolumbar disk extrusion

Louis presented 12 months following surgery to manage a Thoracolumbar disk extrusion. Louis had not walked since the surgery and had developed extensive pressure sores over his pelvis and both hind legs. His bladder function was compromised and he would dribble urine constantly.
Before starting rehabilitation, Louis’s wounds were swabbed to ascertain which bacterial organisms were present in order to start appropriate antibiotic therapy. His urine was also tested for signs of infection.

Apart from the obvious challenges facing Louis, one major issue following his 12 months of recumbency was that he had no core muscle strength or tone and before hoping to get him standing and walking independently this had to be addressed through an intensive exercise regime. Over the next eight weeks, Louis attended the clinic for two days a week where he was subjected to intense exercise therapy utilising the land treadmill and the therapeutic exercise room. He was also treated with electroacupuncture twice a week. Slowly, Louis started to improve his ability to stand and to initiate movement in his back legs. His bladder function remained poor however and the sores on his hind legs were extremely challenging to treat. Regular measurements were taken to assess their progress as well as repeated swabbing to maintain control over secondary infection.

Louis started to walk independently eight weeks in to his rehabilitation and by ten weeks he started to exhibit better control over his bladder function. His wounds started to show promise in terms of healing following the advent of laser therapy again applied twice weekly. A class 3 cold laser was used and very quickly following the initiation of therapy, the wounds started to dry and epithelialisation became apparent at the wound margins.