January 2018

Pet of the Month: 
Vlad North 17 year old Male Lab Cross Collie

Vlad is one of our oldest patients and has been doing amazingly well since coming to the clinic back in May of last year.

We first saw Vlad in May 2017 when he suffered from an episode of vestibular syndrome. He presented with a head tilt and general weakness and struggled to walk in a straight line. He would tend to drift to the right when moving and would easily lose balance and control. He was also sore on palpation of his back.

Following his first visit we sent Vlad home with gentle exercises aimed at improving his proprioception and coordination and starting to correct his ‘drifting’ gait pattern.

Over the following weeks Vlad showed steady progress with improvements in his vestibular signs and his mobility-he would no longer drift the right when walking and was better able to balance and control his movement when turning. He was still tight and reactive through his back but this was beginning to ease.

Since then, other than a slight set back when Vlad was bowled over by another dog and suffered increased pain and stiffness through his back, he has continued to steadily improve and build strength.

Vlad has recently celebrated his 17th birthday and all of us at the clinic find this hard to believe when we see him come in for his visits. He is an aging boy and continues to have mobility issues but the hard work and dedication his owner has shown have enabled us to maintain as much function as possible and ensure Vlad remains happy and healthy for as long as possible.

He is one of the nicest dogs we treat and we are all so pleased he has remained stable since this vestibular attack. Well done Vlad!