Client Feedback

Thank you all for what you have done for Mitzi, now she can run and play with the other dogs. THANK YOU

Jacqui Simmons

Thank you so much for making be better, Thought I would show you my brother 
Have lovely Xmas lots love Coke

Rum and Coke Keenan

Thank you for all the hard work and effort to fix Jake’s hip.  The transformation is amazing. 
Jake can now look forward to a full and painfree life.

You have all been so kind and caring.  Jake will miss you all.  We will keep in touch and I will update you with his progress.

Many Thanks once again.


From Jake and the Watkins family

Thankyou so much for all you have done for Poppy. There was a time when she couldn't walk more than 100 yards without limping in agony, and now she is back to running around like a lunatic! She has loved coming to see you, especially playing on the treadmill. You ladies really do a wonderful job and we can't thank you enough"  

Emily, Kris, Poppy and Bear

Thank you to all the staff who have treated and cared for Willow-he will be back after the next leg op!

Thanks, Willow and Family