Case Studies

Llani Roxburgh

Pets Age: 
3 years old
Pet Type: 
Domestic short hair
Psychogenic alopecia

Looking back over the summer, Llani is a really good example of how responsive cats can be to acupuncture. She first presented in May this year. She had experienced military dermatitis triggered by a flea bite in February and although this had been addressed and her skin was no longer inflamed, she continued to over-groom. Her owners felt that some building work that was happening at home may have been contributing to her behavior.

Rizzle Finch

Pets Age: 
21 month old
Pet Type: 
Male neutered, Boxer cross

Rizzle first presented to the Smart Clinic in March this year. Right fore lameness had been noted in early January and signs had waxed and waned with only temporary response to periods of rest. Radiographic and CT findings were consistent with bilateral elbow dysplasia with a fragmented coronoid process on the right. The CT imaging also showed signs of right biceps tendon pathology. He had seen an orthopaedic specialist who felt that arthroscopic assessment may be required with a view to surgery. The decision was made to try rehabilitation before proceeding with this.

Layla Karas

Pets Age: 
4 year old
Pet Type: 
Female neutered, Boxer

Layla is a good example of a forelimb lameness case that can be frustrating in general practice. She first presented in June 2013. Her main presenting complaint was that she had been intermittently stiff on the right fore, usually after a period of rest following a vigorous walk. These signs were temporarily responsive to rest but resumed once more challenging exercise was brought in.