Case Studies

Louis Dyer

Pets Age: 
5 yrs
Pet Type: 
Male French Bulldog
Thoracolumbar disk extrusion

Louis presented 12 months following surgery to manage a Thoracolumbar disk extrusion. Louis had not walked since the surgery and had developed extensive pressure sores over his pelvis and both hind legs. His bladder function was compromised and he would dribble urine constantly.
Before starting rehabilitation, Louis’s wounds were swabbed to ascertain which bacterial organisms were present in order to start appropriate antibiotic therapy. His urine was also tested for signs of infection.

Baloo Williams

Pets Age: 
6 year old
Pet Type: 
Boxer x Staffie

Doing well despite the fear’

Bella Williams

Pets Age: 
4 year old
Pet Type: 
Female neutered German Shepherd dog
Lateral Meniscal Issues

Two interesting cases involving stifles

As veterinary practitioners, we all see multiple cases of stifle disease in one form or another every day. They all respond to treatment differently. Two cases have stood out as unusual recently:


1) Bella