August 2018

Pet of the Month: 
Bubba Girdler 12 Year 3 Month Old Neutered Male Border Collie

Bubba is a long standing patient of the SMART Clinic and unbelievable to us, was actually first referred way back in 2010!

He was initially referred to us with a chronic left fore limb lameness, which previous treatment at a specialist orthopaedic centre had failed to resolve. At the time of presentation it was difficult to establish a definite cause for the lameness but was suspected that some, if not all, of the discomfort may be muscular in origin and associated with an abnormal gait pattern.

In the first instance Bubba proved a difficult case to treat. His gait pattern improved significantly with little or no reaction to palpation, yet he continued to be intermittently lame at home. Furthermore his lameness varied between significant lameness and soundness, with no apparent reason for his decline.

A complicating factor, which was then considered alongside his treatment, was management of intermittent ‘fitting’. Although at the time the frequency of his fits would not warrant medication, it was thought that instigating antiepileptic medication might be worth considering to see if it would have a positive effect on his lameness.

The coming months continued to prove difficult to firmly establish any sustained improvement in Bubba’s lameness and focused on managing his concurrent epilepsy and the seemingly linked affects this then had on his lameness and gait pattern.

Thankfully Bubba’s owners have always been extremely dedicated to his treatment and committed to a stringent appointment frequency, needed to manage his condition. Finally, and because of this dedication, following a longer than ideal period of ‘waxing and waning’ Bubba’s lameness and epilepsy both started to improve.

A diagnosis for Bubba’s lameness has never been determined but has more than likely involved a neurological element. He continues to attend the clinic on a regular basis, as the current treatment intervals seem to be working in maintaining these long sort after improvements.

Bubba has become a bit of a SMART veteran and all of the staff are very fond of him and his unique personality. We all look forward to his visits and hope that these now longstanding improvements continue! Well done Bubba